3-Day Intensive Prayer Ministry Retreat

“Come to me all who labor and are heavily burdened and I will give you rest.”  (Matthew 11:28-29)
There is no fee for this ministry, but a donation is always appreciated.
Be restored in body, mind, and spirit as trained and Holy Spirit- led prayer ministers listen, love and pray for you!
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Three days immersed in Healing Prayer…
The Branches’ Christian Healing Center motto is, “Listen, Love, and Pray.” The environment is peaceful and the ministry team is loving and non-judgmental. The retreat site is the lovely grounds of Branches of the Cross Church, which has an intimate chapel, the Disciple House with comfortable prayer rooms and group meals, and the Shekinah House guest lodge.
Those who attend the 3-Day Intensive Prayer Ministry are called “Prayees.” In order to attend the ministry, Prayees are required to fill out an application, which can be obtained by cliking the link above or by emailing the office at admin@brancheschc.org.
Prayees are each paired with two prayer ministers who are with them for the duration of the retreat. The prayer ministers are all well-trained and experienced, and they come from many different churches and denominations. They are all Spirit-filled and gifted in prayer. Everything discussed in prayer sessions is held in strict confidence. In addition, each 3-Day event is undergirded with prayers from more than a dozen intercessors.

All Christians are welcome to attend the 3-Day ministry; there are no denominational limitations. The ministry is Jesus-centered, so it is not usually suitable for non-Christians. But a non-Christian may attend if recommended by a Christian friend who has attended.
The 3-Day ministry begins on the second Monday of each month. Each of the three days begins at 8:30 a.m. with continental breakfast. The ministry opens with a passage of Scripture, a brief message, and uplifting praise songs. The format of each day is slightly different, one from another. Generally, there is a series of teachings interspersed with private prayer sessions, each lasting about an hour. The teachings are designed to lead Prayees in self-discovery to uncover issues that need healing. Teaching sessions are followed by time for reflection and journaling. The first two days end with a Scripture reading and closing prayer. The third day ends with a Healing Holy Communion service, sharing, and a blessing.

Prayees wishing to do so may stay onsite in the Shekinah House lodge during the 3-Day Intensive Prayer Ministry. Breakfast and lunch are provided each day. Those staying overnight are responsible for their own dinner arrangements. There are facilities onsite for food preparation, and there are a number of eateries within fifteen minutes or so. There is no fee for the ministry or the lodging, but a Spirit-led donation is always appreciated. The ministries subsist on donations alone.

Over ninety-five percent of prayees who attend the 3-Day Intensive experience a level of healing. Lives are changed for the better; Jesus is always faithful. Now is the time to make the choice to help yourself. Attend a 3-Day Intensive and drop your burdens.

Rev. Timothy Laundrie, Rector


Phone:(760) 295-4266
Address:791 Valley Crest Dr.
Vista, CA 92084-6607
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