About Our Church

Branches of the Cross Church is a healing church. Healing prayer is a central focus of our church life and there are healing prayer services at scheduled times during the week, as well as personal prayer opportunities. In addition, a major ministry of Branches of the Cross is its Christian Healing Center (CHC). The CHC is dedicated to conducting intensive healing ministry through special healing events and healing missions. See the CHC page for more details.


Branches of the Cross is committed to creating true disciples of Jesus Christ, who are themselves led to generate true disciples the world over, resulting in a revival of the Christian faith. “Branches of the Cross are plantings of The Father whose fruit is imperishable” (St. Ignatius, Bishop of Antioch [par]).


By proclaiming, manifesting, and teaching the Truth and Good News of the Kingdom of God, Branches of the Cross seeks to:

  • Foster a love of God with heart, mind, soul, and strength;
  • Lead new converts and nominal Christians to become true disciples of Christ;
  • Teach that true Kingdom living and apprenticeship to Jesus are available to us today, here and now;
  • Preserve, defend, and proclaim the faith once delivered.


 Core Values

The core values of Branches of the Cross are based, among others, on three key passages of Scripture: John 15:1-17, Romans 12:1-21, and 1 Corinthians 13:1-8*. The core values include the following:

  • Love God above all
  • Obey God and Jesus Christ, our only Lord and Savior
  • Live in the character of Christ –
    • Exhibit mercy, compassion, trust, integrity, humility, self-denial
    • Refrain from unjust anger, contempt, lust, and things of the flesh
    • Witness forgiveness and transparency
    • Proclaim and preach the Word and Kingdom of God boldly
    • Be in the world but not of it
  • Express godly love to others through hospitality and outreach



Branches of the Cross is a sacramental discipleship church that exhibits the gifts of the Holy Spirit through daily prayer for those who are ill in body, mind, or spirit; conducts worship services in the Anglican tradition including Sunday Holy Eucharist and other services during the week as may be helpful for growing and ministering to the body of Christ; presents periodic discipleship classes and programs; addresses the spiritual needs of its worshipping community with appropriate pastoral care; and extends Godly love and fellowship to all who attend.


Anglican Worship

The term “Anglican” simply means “of England.” It describes our form of worship as similar to the Church of England. Like the Church of England, we are not Roman Catholic, but our liturgy—the way we worship—is similar. Anglican liturgy generally includes the reading of Scripture, a sermon, and the sacrament of Holy Communion, along with praise music and fellowship.
Anglicans are Apostolic, which means that our beliefs and practices are rooted in the faith delivered by Jesus to his apostles and handed down to us through them. The basic beliefs are:
· that Jesus is the only Way, Truth, and Life;
· that Scripture is the inspired word of God and contains all things necessary to salvation;
· that the two sacraments practiced by the Early Church, namely Baptism and Holy Communion, should be honored and continually administered according to apostolic teaching;
· that there are four orders of ministers in the church as mentioned in the Scriptures and practiced by the Early Church, which are the Order of the Laity (all believers in Jesus Christ) and the Orders of Bishops, Priests, and Deacons;
· that the reading of Scripture and the worship should be conducted in the language of the people.
There are about seventy-five million Anglicans world-wide, affiliated in 38 provinces of what is known as the Anglican Communion. Branches of the Cross Anglican Church is part of the province of the Anglican Church of North America.