Prayer Request

Enter Your Confidential Prayer Request
Prayer ministry is a major focus of this church, especially within our healing ministry. We encourage you to send your prayer needs to us. They will be held in confidence and prayed over for one week by a small group of trained prayer ministers. It would be helpful to our ministers if you would indicate your general location.

Prayer requests are retrieved daily, logged, and given to our intercessors to pray over for up to two weeks, based on the nature of the prayer request. Crude or hateful prayer requests will not be posted.
Praise reports and testimonies are preserved and will be posted on the website anonymously.

Prayer for You or Someone Else

You can send a prayer request for yourself or for someone you know who needs the help of God’s saving grace. Here are some suggestions of things to pray for: God’s Provision and Blessing, Guidance and Wisdom, Peace & Comfort, Generational Healing, Protection and Strength, Healing of Addictions, Inner (Emotional) Healing, Conversion/Salvation, Conception of a Child, Expecting Parents, Holy Spirit Baptism/Infilling, Healing of Relationships, Physical Healing, Physical Healing of Cancer, Repentance and Forgiveness, Spiritual Healing, or Deliverance.

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