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Prayer ministry is a major focus of this church, especially within our healing ministry. We encourage you to send your prayer needs to us. They will be held in confidence and prayed over for one week by a small group of trained prayer ministers. It would be helpful to our ministers if you would indicate your general location.
Prayer requests are retrieved daily, logged, and given to our intercessors to pray over for up to two weeks, based on the nature of the prayer request. Crude or hateful prayer requests will not be posted.
Praise reports and testimonies are preserved and will be posted on the website anonymously.


Prayer for You or Someone Else

You can send a prayer request for yourself or for someone you know who needs the help of God’s saving grace. Here are some suggestions of things to pray for: God's Provision and Blessing, Guidance and Wisdom, Peace & Comfort, Generational Healing, Protection and Strength, Healing of Addictions, Inner (Emotional) Healing, Conversion/Salvation, Conception of a Child, Expecting Parents, Holy Spirit Baptism/Infilling, Healing of Relationships, Physical Healing, Physical Healing of Cancer, Repentance and Forgiveness, Spiritual Healing, or Deliverance.

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posted by: Martina on 11/7/2017

Please pray for Nick C., please pray for his salvation, please pray that God touch his life. Thank you
I will pray 2 people are praying.
posted by: Luana on 10/28/2017

Praying for my son Chads salvation and deliverance
I will pray 2 people are praying.
Job Success
posted by: Jonathan Ashbeck on 10/16/2017

I have two part time jobs and I am so blessed that God gave me those two jobs and I pray so that I may do well on those jobs.
Amen! 3 people are praising.
Prayer Request
posted by: Leo Sourisseau on 10/9/2017

Prayer For the Second Coming of Jesus - I pray that Jesus Christ returns to Earth soon, to bring the eternal love and peace of the Kingdom of God to all who believe in Him, and for every knee to bow to Him, and for every tongue to confess that Jesus is Lord at His return. Amen. _____________________________________________ Dear Branches of the Cross Anglican Church, please pray for this prayer request above, and please share it with everyone, everywhere! Until it comes true, and Jesus returns to save His people - which hopefully, by then, will include all the people of the world! Thank You! God bless you! :) Sincerely, Leo Sourisseau Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada worldpeacenow4all@gmail.com Also, please visit the website of prayerforsecondcoming.com to see the prayer above in 15 other languages! :)
I will pray 3 people are praying.
Prayer Request
posted by: Phil Chavez on 9/23/2017

Please Pray...I'm 45 ,Never been in a relationship,been praying for relationships for over 22 years.Please Please Pray GOD sends me (Phil Chavez) life partner quickly real soon In JESUS Name
I will pray 3 people are praying.
Prayer request
posted by: Pastor Thieringo Aguigo on 9/22/2017

Protection prosperity miracles wisdom freedom healing blessings success chance grace of God and mercy compassion of Jesus must be in pastor Thieringo's life un Jesus name
I will pray 2 people are praying.
posted by: li cross on 9/15/2017

Please pray for that God can help me not to lost my salvation and my job in the Administration Wing, so that I can continue to preach the gospel (Jesus crucified), sorry and thank you, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, A-Men.
I will pray 2 people are praying.
God Save Eric
posted by: Alfred on 9/6/2017

Prayer Request: Please pray for Eric McDonald-Please pray for his conversion and for the salvation of his soul.Pray that Christ The King will have mercy upon him and save him.May Jesus in his compassion guide Eric McDonald to the pathways of salvation! "O Mary, Mother of Mercy, have mercy upon Eric McDonald.Please look upon him with compassion and pity.Please reveal your Motherly Love to Eric. Please bring Eric to Jesus. Pray to Jesus for Eric-plead the Precious Blood of Jesus over Eric's soul.May this Holy Blood heal and renew his soul. Please pray for Eric's conversion and salvation. May Eric have all the grace that he needs in time and eternity in the name of Jesus Christ...Amen!!!”
I will pray 4 people are praying.
prayer request
posted by: phil chavez on 8/24/2017

Please Pray...I'm 45 ,Never been in a relationship,been praying for relationships for over 22 years.Please Please Pray GOD sends me (Phil Chavez) life partner quickly real soon In JESUS Name
I will pray 8 people are praying.
posted by: Shannon Keys on 8/21/2017

Dear One, i have just submitted an application for a Job at the EMBASSY OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Ouagadougou - BURKINA FASO , this morning and i need you to pray for me so that my job application will be approved and i will be called to come and start working at the Embassy. My names is Shannon Sheese Keys, writing from BURKINA FASO
I will pray 9 people are praying.
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