The 3-Day Intensive Prayer Ministry and Activities at Branches

By Rev. Timothy Laundrie |  July 17, 2017

August Is a Big Month at Branches

While we are still thanking God for the wonderful things He did for our prayees in the July 3-Day, we look forward to events in August. (A testimony from one of the July 3-Day attendees can be viewed on the Branches Facebook page at
The first event in August will be the retreat meeting for Holy Spirit Church. They have retreated here a few times before and we are thankful for their return.
The next event will be the Diocese of Western Anglicans Executive Committee retreat, ending with the installation of a new Dean.
Following that is the diocesan Deacons’ School the subsequent week. The first two days will have makup sessions for deacons who missed parts of the first few Deacons’ School sessions.
On the heels of the Deacons’ School is the August 3-Day Intensive Prayer Ministry, which is pushed back a week to facilitate the other events.
After the August 3-Day we will pause for a while and the normal will schedule will return.
This level of activity is exciting for Branches of the Cross because we see how God is using our service capabilities in many ways, enabling and expanding His Kingdom among us. Praise You Father for including us in so many of your ministries here and declaring the power and authority of Jesus. Please continue to bless us in Your service, for we know that it is Your power that comes forth from us as we minister, and it is a wondrous honor to behold.