Prayer Minister Training Begins Soon

By Fr. Timothy Laundrie |  October 18, 2017

Prayer Minister Training at Branches Christian Healing Center:

Prayer ministry is the first thing that Jesus sent the apostles out to do; healing the sick, raising the dead, cleansing the lepers, delivering the oppressed, and declaring that the Kingdom of God has come near. (Matt 10) Now, as Jesus said then, the fields are ripe, but the laborers are few. More trained and gifted prayer ministers are needed to reach out and touch God’s children with loving, healing hands. As Jesus taught his disciples two thousand years ago, prayer ministers still need to be trained. Not all illness is physical, not all oppression is demonic, not all death is physical, and not all leprosy is external. Ministers need to be taught what to look for in the suffering prayer recipient (prayee), and then be led by the Holy Spirit to say the right things.

At Branches Christian Healing Center we see prayees with a wide variety of issues. It is truly a blessing to be God’s instrument in praying for them. When God heals, it is an amazing gift to the prayee, but also to the prayer minister. It is a humbling joy indefinable until one experiences it.

We need more prayer ministers; loving, committed, compassionate, gifted, and trained people who adore Jesus. To that end, we have been training prayer ministers for the past several months and we are in Level 4 of prayer minister training right now.  Level 4 training  began on September 30 and is held every other week on Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to roughly 2:30 p.m. The training is scheduled to end on December 5th. There is still room for people to join in the training, for which there is no fee. Bring a sack lunch.